Digital Marketing Impact

By Faisal Ghulam

Before the birth of digital marketing, companies would use or rely on offline strategies, including old methods such as billboards, ads on radio channels or TV channels, direct mail, phone calls, or printing cards. Back then, organizations had to invest a large amount of money in promoting their brands. Since the birth of digital marketing, things have been in favor of organizations as they are directly engaging with their consumers. Today we will learn what digital marketing is, what its benefits are, and what impact it has on the world.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is known as Internet marketing. People might want to know because Digital Marketing is online marketing with the internet. Companies promote its product or services to their potential consumers through online platforms. Such Platforms are:

  • Search engines
  • Own Websites
  • On Social Media Channels
  • Emailing
  • Some Mobile apps promote their brand
  • Text messaging to people to bring awareness about their products or services.
  • Web-based advertising

All mentioned above are examples of digital marketing. Most of the population relies on the digital means available to them for awareness and decision making for consumption of goods and services.

What are the few Benefits of Digital Marketing?

Organizations can get to know their target audience and see the information about what the audience wants. Organizations can get more benefits from Digital Marketing. The benefits of using Digital Marketing include:

  • Organizations will get to know the target audience: Digital Marketing gives an advantage to organizations to get to know their target audience and connect with them. Organization insight into how much the visitors visit the official website. Organizations should have a strategy for their social media usage and build a relationship with their consumers faster and easy with the help of Digital marketing.
  • Cost effective: With Digital Marketing before digital marketing, the traditional marketing methods were costing organizations more money, but with the presence of digital marketing, most organizations got relief because it is cheap. The organization can build free social media accounts and create a website at less cost.
  • Organizations can promote their product and service to anyone anywhere in the world: The Organizations reach potentially huge with the presence of digital marketing; the organization can spread to the other side of the world and connect with its potential customers. Now organizations have advantages promote their products or services around the globe with less afford.
  • Its Trackable and Measurable:Creating new Strategies and implementing them, tracking the performance of content and measuring the content that you post and seeing whether it is successful or not, if not, then taking correct steps in-order obtain the final goal. There are famous platforms to measure or track the performance of Digital marketing campaigns. Then the organizations can decide what they should look after their strategies.


What Are the Impacts of Digital Marketing in the world?

Digital marketing has had a massive impact on the world and has changed the entire marketing structure. Now organizations, whether small ones or big ones, can take advantage of it and promote their brands, products, or services all around the world with ease. The organization can get to know what their consumers want or what they are looking for in their brands and get better insights into it.

Impacts on Businesses are:

Brand Awareness: With Digital Marketing, awareness of brands has increased. People have gotten to know the brands they want to purchase through different social media platforms.

Sale Booster: Many organizations have found success through digital marketing by increasing sales at a low cost. 

Viral around Globe: Digital Marketing has put most organizations in a viral position where people come to know different things about them. See the example of Nus’rt Aka SaltBae. A clip of him went viral by just cutting steaks and salting them in style, and his popularity has increased ever since.

Get engaged with their AudienceOrganizations try to interact with their customers through different channels. By doing this, an organization gets to know its customers. Customers also get to know their products or services and what benefits they get from them.


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