Self-Care: Important Thing to Be Practiced

By Divya Subramanian

The number of students pertaining to suicide and other toxic addictive habits are increasing nowadays. It is important to take care of the mental health which has not been a priority by many. Self-Care is important to practice from school so that one can create the best future without emotional threats like anxiety and depression.

Many schools started wellness programs for their students to offer emotional support. What I’m saying is it should be prioritized more. You should give importance to self-care like other subjects.


Why Self-Care is Important?

It is of no use getting top grades without proper mental attitude. You could have seen some kids who cannot accept the fact they scored less compared to the previous exam. However, channeling the study method to score high is good. But some kids beat up themselves mentally and emotionally for such low grades.

This is just an example and lack of proper Self-Care can lead to many problems in one’s life.

Types of Self-Care

To start Self-Care journey, it is important to know its different types

  1. Physical

Physical Self-Care is nothing but taking care of your physical body. You can exercise regularly without fail. We all plan to hit a gym or do home workout but fail when it comes to consistence. That is why physical Self-Care journey should be started by subscribing to yearly membership in fitness programs or participation in other physical training programs.

If you are interested in dancing, sports, or other trainings where you use your body also is a self-care. So physical Self-Care can be of any form, unless you use your body to get that adrenaline and dopamine rush.

  1. Emotional

Emotional self-care is performing activities that help in encouraging your mental well-being. It can be done by one of the best practices- Journaling. Whatever you feel, you can journal your thoughts. Many researches prove that Journaling helps in overcoming one’s fear, anxiety, and related issues. In addition, it helps in having clear idea about your thoughts. Thoughts are the basic energy that in turn converts into one’s actions and words. If this thought is monitored, one can achieve greater things. And the solution for clearer understanding of thoughts is Journaling.

As a beginner, you can start working on gratitude. Then you can start journaling your fears, anxieties, and weaknesses, and therefore overcoming them.

  1. Mental

Mental Self-Care can be achieved by practicing meditation. To summarize, mindfulness is the key to mental Self-Care. One can achieve this state by practicing being in the present. Whatever work you are doing, it should be done with all your energy.

For instance, if you are cooking, having mindfulness of chopping vegetables, adding ingredients, and observing the reaction of food while cooking helps you in the present moment. This practice of being mindful of present actions helps in achieving better mental health.

  1. Spiritual

This is the most underrated, yet effective Self-Care one should not neglect practicing. Finding the purpose of your life helps you find the true meaning of your path. Though this is not an easy task for school students, it is worth given a try. Participating in community discussions, faith programs, and mentoring can help you achieve this state.

To sum up, self-care should be a part of everyone’s life for a better state of mind. You can find it difficult to follow all these Self-Care method even as an adult. That is why if it is incorporated in young minds, it would be better for them to build a brighter future.

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