We are approved and recognized globally for the provision of education management, international programmes& more. We are accredited & recognized by many bodies, some of which are below.

We are fully accredited by The World Council for Regular and Distance Education (WCRDE), an internationally renowned accreditation and membership organization for Universities, Institutions/Colleges, for regular, open and distance education worldwide with PCMTL

The accreditation of PCMTL by WCRDE helps students and parents make a more informed choice and will also help Universities, Institutions/Colleges, & programme or distance education provider demonstrate to the international student body that they are a high quality institution. We are a trade mark/part of PCMTL.

We are approved to manage the Pre-medical (non-practical)programme of American International School of Medicine (AISM)in Asia (GCC/ME), Africa & other regions. AISM began in 1999 and has graduated hundreds of medical doctors who are in specialty clinical and or training and or practicing medicine in the USA, Guyana, UK, Pakistan, Carribean, and other countries worldwide. We focus in training physicians who can excel in patient-care research and education as a part of their professional development process. The American International School of Medicine has campuses Atlanta Georgia, Georgetown Guyana, England United Kingdom, Nigeria,West Africa. Our students participate in clinical rotations at hospitals in United States, Canada, UK (London), Guyana and Elective rotations in other countries.

AISM is listed with the W.H.O. (World Health Organization), hence, our graduates are eligible for certification in United States of America, Canada, UK, and Guyana. AISM is registered with the National Accreditation Council of Guyana. AISM students are eligible for ECFMG certification (after achieving passing scores on the USMLE STEP I, STEP II, Clinical Skills and Clinical Knowledge) in United States. The Government of Guyana recognizes the Medical Degree and graduates who pass the USMLE STEPS 1 & 2 are eligible for internship and certification by the General Medical Council. Students are also eligible to apply to the General Medical Council in the UK for GMC registration and license to practice after completion of the PLAB examination. AISM is also listed with the Medical Council of India.

We are a recognized body, approved & athorized by Joint University Degree and Partnership Board (JUDAP), UK; to manage their partner university’s businesses in Asia (GCC/ME), Africa & other regions. We generate, set up franchise, and managecollaboration & partnership with existing, new & prospective institutional partners in the regions for JUDAP.

JUDAP, UK is highly recognized for international academic partnership and collaboration,facilitating joint academic and research programmes among universities globally.

All JUDAP national and international partner universities are accredited by the Ministry of Education in their respective countries, WES, and member of international professional &recognition bodies.

We also run our programmes from Certificate, bachelors, Master, Doctorate & assist with Post-Docs, awarded by JUDAP’s Girne American University, North Cyprus& Partner Universities.

We were the first to bring Girne American University, Cyprus to have the first sets of approved centres in UAE, through a member of our Board of Advisors & JUDAP. The university was founded in 1985 GAU; one of the first university in Cyprus to receive recognition from YOK (Turkish Higher Education Council), followed by recognition from YODAK (Higher Education Council of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus), &WES.  The university has grown with over 20,000 students from across nations; has maintained close contractual ties with universities in North America and Europe and has campuses, affiliates, training centres and offices across many countries including UAE. The university has garnered many other international accreditations and recognitions from/across Europe and other parts of the world as well as academic associations.

We are a globally recognized by California University FCE, USA

By the virtue of the recognition, The Academic Board of California University finds our curricula as equivalent to the curricula of regionally and nationally accredited colleges and universities in the United States of America (USA). California University FCE is a member of The American Evaluation Association recommended by the United States Department of Education as evaluators for Educational Grant Programs and validations of degrees earned by students; earned at universities from State Approved agencies such as the BPPE of California. 

California University Foreign Credential Evaluator (CUFCE) certifies the credits earned at our centre(s) or online is equivalent to any other nationally and regionally accredited colleges and universities of United States of America. CUFCE is recognized by US Department of Education with EROD Unique ID 7499 and has got grant of status of accredited institution by American Association of Higher Education and Accreditation (AAHEA).

Team Member Memberships

Our team member(s) is/are members of the following recognized professional/bodies & associations, among others:

  1. Fellow – European Qualifications Framework, EU  
  2. Fellow – Chartered Institute of Leadership & Governance, USA 
  3. Member – National Association of Media Literacy Education, USA
  4. Member – Common Ground Research Networks, USA
  5. Member – International Law Association, UK
  6. Member – Advertising Practitioners Council (APCON)
  7. Member – National Institute of Marketing (NIMN)
  8. Member – Fintech Association (FintechNgr)
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