The Awards

We take pride in honoring the advancements of exceptionally accomplished icons in education; public, private service leading players across community, politics, healthcare, agriculture, engineering, travel, music, religion (etc), annually; awarded by Gulf American University (GAU), and other selected recognized universities.

From inspiring professionals, businessmen/women to remarkable institutions, stakeholders, leaders and managers of successful organizations, we shine the spotlight on their impactful contributions, and award them for their impact in lives and humanity.

Join us in celebrating excellence, fostering inspiration, and shaping the educational & other landscapes. Let our prestigious awards enhance your reputation and open doors to new opportunities for growth and recognition.

For Who?

The Doctor “Dr” title will be conferred upon individuals who have either:

  • Done outstanding academic work.
  • Promoted research at the University.
  • Served as outstanding national leaders.
  • Made great impact to humanity through corporate & other services.
  • Led a non-profit/governmental org successfully.
  • Led religious groups & impacted many for good.
  • Successfully transformed professional practices.
  • Been a captain of industry, with great impact
  • Or other categories recommended/nominated for related reasons.

About The Special Award & Honorary Award

Special Awards are awarded to announce and appreciate corporate brands & leading individuals who have made impact across education, travels/tours, agriculture, aviation, healthcare among other sectors and/or their specific professional space.

Honorary Award & Honorary Doctorate Award are high-level academic recognitions granted by an educational group, organization or university to recipients without completion of the normal academic requirements for that award or degree.

The title of Honorary Doctor, doctor honoris causa, may be conferred upon academics or non-academic leaders, professionals among others, primarily from abroad, who have established ties with the university’s academic researchers or other individuals who have not taken a doctorate through academic studies but should clearly be inducted into the research community or other forms of affiliation with the awarding group, organization or university.

Dr. Phree Global Education has a track record of coordinating nominations & award on behalf/in partnership with awarding bodies and universities, and hereby accepting nominations for the 2023 awards – to be processed and awarded abroad.

2021 Special Awards

The 2021 awards ceremony recognized and celebrated remarkable individuals and corporations from various sectors. Participants hailing from Europe, Asia, and other nations were carefully selected and honored for their outstanding contributions and achievements in their respective fields.

The event served as a platform to acknowledge and appreciate their exceptional accomplishments.

2022 Edition: Cert & Honorary Awards

In 2022 the award was an interesting & memorable one, as candidates were in 2 categories & awarded Certificates & Honorary Awards. While the certificate recipients now use it to build or boost their profiles in their places of work & more, the Honorary Awardees bear title of Doctors (Dr) & now more recognized, honored in their places of work, the community & society at large. It was an honor for them to be awarded during the ceremony held by Gulf American University, UAE for the graduating students of Girne American University, North Cyprus in Dubai.

2023/24 International Honorary Award

Step into distinction with the next International Honorary Award! Elevate your status and become a titled ‘Dr.’

This prestigious accolade awaits deserving individuals who have demonstrated outstanding achievements.

Don’t miss your chance to claim the recognition you deserve. Join us in celebrating excellence and achievement as we honour those who have made significant contributions to their respective fields.

To all qualified seasoned professional this is your opportunity to be acknowledged and celebrated. Secure your honorary doctorate and step into a world of recognition, credibility, and limitless possibilities!

Click to see the Honorary Award Brochure & download, complete & send/submit the Honorary Nomination Form.

Don’t just dream it – become it!

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