PSG & Nike: Creating Football’s Most Fashionable Club

By Davidson Abraham

Almost 20 years ago, nobody outside of France knew Paris Saint Germain. Despite not winning a single international trophy since then, they somehow managed to become one of the most iconic brands in the world. The biggest celebrities including Kendal Jenner, Rita Ora and Gigi Hadid want to be associated with PSG and the club’s value is the fastest growing among all football clubs over the past decade. This development is closely related to their cooperation with kit sponsor Nike.

Together, PSG and Nike shook up the kit industry and created the world’s most fashionable football club. Football and its look is becoming more and more interlaced with street and Hip-hop culture. You see artists like Drake wearing football jerseys on stage, unveiling new kits for brands and being interviewed about footy jersey trends. PSG is the football club at the heart of this phenomenon. All the cool kids are wearing PSG kits and the Parc des Princes PSG’s home stadium has become a popular meeting point for the world’s biggest celebrities from the music and fashion industry when they visit Paris.

It is hard to imagine a better city other than Paris to establish a football club as a fashion statement. The city is already a global capital of fashion and style. Besides famous celebrities, PSG also work with stars from other sports to build their brand. Basketball stars Steph Curry and Kevin Durant have visited and endorsed the club in the past. However, what really put PSG on the global map is its collaboration with Michael Jordan and his famous Jump man Brand.

Air Jordan, which is owned by PSG’s kit sponsor Nike, is one of the most iconic brands in Pop culture, hip-hop and American sports. Air Jordan shoes are the most sought after in the world as they frequently sell out as soon as they are released. The brand made from making basketball shoes in the beginning to a big name in fashion. In that sense, the collaboration with a club from the fashion capital Paris makes perfect sense.

The Jordan brand came into football when they launched a custom shoe with Neymar who is arguably the most exciting player in the world and plays for PSG. It was already a hint that PSG will not be limited to having the jump man logo on kits. Their collaboration goes much deeper and is exclusive for PSG.

Through this strategy, PSG has become the football club of choice for celebrities and fashionistas. They have released over 70 different items including shoes, face caps, socks, jerseys and even Pajamas with the Jordan brand. Now, PSG branded items are not only represented on football pitches but also in the biggest fashion shows in the world. This collaboration has paid off big time for the Parisians who have succeeded in creating footballs most fashionable football club.

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