Internship? Yay or Nay

By Diana Perera

Starting a career is one key milestone in our lives, and internships are usually the first step of that journey which often acts like the basic foundation of a strong building. 

Some would argue that our entry job or internship doesn’t really matter because one can always change it, or it is okay to shift into different fields to experience what each field can offer, then settle for what we like most. Indeed, we can, but for those who wish to pursue a great career, it is vital to have a strong foundation to ensure a fast and steady career growth.

In the past and even nowadays internship is still a compulsory prerequisite in many universities, some learning institutes, and even in certain companies. They expect the students to go through compulsory industry training or an internship to get them to experience what they’ve learned in real business world scenarios. Some youngsters complete the internship for the sake of doing it and some do great jobs at their internships and get the best out of it. Internship done right is like a hen that lays golden eggs, full of wonderful opportunities.

One’s first internship has a great impact in molding the skills and attitudes toward work. Think of a school leaver or a person who’s just entering the job market; it is always uncertain at the beginning, but having an internship already boosts the confidence and polishes certain skills of that person. Therefore, the person will be in a better position to contribute to the company and adjust to the work environment faster. Beyond that, one can also make sensible decisions on selecting the best field of work that best fits which will further assist in aligning post studies and trainings.

If you are a person who just finished your studies and wonder what to do next you may find an internship could be a great kick start for a successful career, and never forget that a clear vision executed right will always lead to a successful reality, faster.

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