A Main Benefit Online Classes

By Mohamedabbas Muraj

Damn! I had just missed an important online class because of my silly mistake. The night before, I was up all night watching a documentary about Diego Maradona; it was historical and very dramatic.  It kept me engaged for a long time.

It was so interesting that I began to search more and more posts about the late Diego Maradona, which I enjoyed while taking my late night snacks and a bunch of fizzy drinks high in sugar and caffeine. Little did I know it wasn’t worth the time.

The next morning I had an accounting class with MR. Joseph. The class was brief and cleared almost every doubts of my fellow classmates, but sadly I missed it. Not only did I wake up 10 minutes late after the class had begun but with a painful headache and a runny nose.

Despite being head-rushed, I quickly switched on my laptop. I realized it wasn’t switching on, and at that very moment, all I was thinking of was my bed but I had to attend the class, so I tried switching it on again and again, and I realized that I had not charged it after the documentary, which I was busy watching all night. I rushed to get my charger as fast as I could, and I plugged it in. As soon as it started, I logged into the online class just to find out it had been over.

I was feeling very irritated and had a lot of other mixed feelings. I started regretting my decision to watch a documentary on a weekday, and I had to find a good reason to tell Mr. Joseph why I missed his class. I could not tell him I was up all night drinking fizzy sweet high in caffeine drinks because that would have been just embarrassing and I tend to have an alpha trait in my class.

I was there loathing in guilt with a severe headache that would not go away. I began to wonder if my morning had been that bad, what the rest of the day be like. I gave up and headed directly into my bed full of guilt and regret.

As soon as I wanted to nap for some more time, I got a notification from my classmates that the class was very brief and cleared most of their doubts. One of them recorded the class for future reference and for the students who were unfortunate to miss the class. That was when I realized how great online classes are. I missed it, but I have a full recording of what happened; it was a great feeling, and I began to feel more positive throughout the day. However, I still need to find a good excuse for missing the class.

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